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I am Melih Abdulhayoglu, founder of Comodo. But it's my blog's viewpoint that is important. I believe human achievement can't be optimized until its central communications engine, the Internet, is a trusted environment. My mission is to help lead the effort to achieve this trust.
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But we are not in the business of taking the easy route out nor in the business of being one ... Read More
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I and Comodo have one goal, to empower and protect our end users. Our motto is,  "look after our users, ... Read More
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Today is a special day, a very special day indeed and it is all thanks to our amazing users, customers ... Read More
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With what is happening in the market place with superfish, there is a "realization" of an old and established method ... Read More
Free RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) – IT Management

Why IT Management……

Operating system was big in the early days, because it enabled us to manage many different pieces like sound card, video card, hard disk etc without us having to write code directly for each and every hardware. We only have to write code for the operating system, then the operating system itself handles how it should talk to all these devices. It makes our lives easy!

Fast forward to 2015….we have many devices, from smartphones, to desktops to servers. Each and every one of these devices both at work or at home needs “management” just like sound cards, video cards etc… Of course all these devices need security too! To make delivery of security a viable proposition, for all these devices, we have to provide a platform to manage them, just like an Operating System, so that security could be managed via this IT Management platform. So this IT Management platform has become a necessity to channel security to our end users and customers. Therefore IT Management tools have become an important vehicle in our ability to provide security.


Why Free……..

There are many companies who charge big bucks for similar or lesser products/services compare to ours,  so why give it away for free?

First of all, we believe in “Community Driven Commercial Development” (CDCD) model. We successfully followed this CDCD model with our consumer products. We want to replicate this success with the enterprise segment, afterall these IT guys working in companies are the ones using our free consumer security at home. We want to continue working with the community to leverage their collective wisdom in creating products that work for them. Who better than the community to help guide us in developing something for them! If we are going to ask the community to help us guide the development then it would be only fair to give this product for free to them.


So Whats the Catch? How will you make money?

We only ask for our community to trust us! This Free RMM, Free Patch Management, Free Service Desk products are and will always be free! We make money from selling other products and services. The trust we will gain will result in more sales of our other products, I totally believe in that. We first prove ourselves to the community by gifting this amazing IT management tool, gain their trust. In return we will earn our community’s trust which will result in more sales of our other products.

So be part of this amazing community and come work with us to make IT Management tools better and FREE!

HTTPS Proxy…..the insight..what you didn’t know

With what is happening in the market place with superfish, there is a “realization” of an old and established method called “HTTPS Local Proxy”.

What is it, well will explain it in more detail.

*********from Wikipedia**************

Filtering of encrypted data

Web filtering proxies are not able to peer inside secure sockets HTTP transactions, assuming the chain-of-trust of SSL/TLS has not been tampered with.

The SSL/TLS chain-of-trust relies on trusted root certificate authorities. In a workplace setting where the client is managed by the organization, trust might be granted to a root certificate whose private key is known to the proxy. Consequently, a root certificate generated by the proxy is installed into the browser CA list by IT staff.

In such situations, proxy analysis of the contents of a SSL/TLS transaction becomes possible. The proxy is effectively operating a man-in-the-middle attack, allowed by the client’s trust of a root certificate the proxy owns.


Hmm…so the local application must install a rootkey so that it can read the encrypted content! Sounds bad right? Well, how else can you check the content for anything malicious in it, unless you decrypt it? Of course you can’t. That means as long as the criminals can have an encrypted channel to your computer they can push down all the malware they want and because you can’t decrypt the content you won’t know. This is also a problem for content filtering products. How can your content filtering product classify a website if its encrypted? Of course it can’t! That’s another reason why it must be decrypted. And that is why these local https proxies are used so that the security product can have access to content to check for malicious activity.

Do I like it? No. Is there any other way of doing it? We are in constant search to improve our user experience and yes there are some other ways but they are yet to be proven as a good working alternative.

So the options are don’t decrypt, allow criminals infect our users….or decrypt and protect the users……

Ok then, who might be using this method in their products?

Well, here is a list of some of these kind of certificates we found (there are hundreds of unique ones we found..)

O=Kaspersky Lab, CN=Kaspersky Anti-Virus personal root certificate

O=Kaspersky Lab ZAO, CN=Kaspersky Anti-Virus personal root certificate

O=Kaspersky Lab ZAO, CN=Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate

CN=BitDefender Personal CA.000000000000, OU=IDS, O=BitDefender, C=RO

CN=Bitdefender Personal CA.000000000000, OU=IDS, O=Bitdefender, C=US

CN=Bitdefender Personal CA.Net-Defender, OU=IDS, O=Bitdefender, C=RO

CN=BitDefender Personal CA.Net-Defender, OU=IDS, O=BitDefender, C=RO

CN=Bitdefender Personal CA.Net-Defender, OU=IDS, O=Bitdefender, C=US

CN=BitDefender Personal CA.TrafficLight, OU=IDS, O=BitDefender, C=RO

CN=Bitdefender Personal CA.TrafficLight, OU=IDS, O=Bitdefender, C=US

CN=ESET_RootSslCert, O=”ESET, spol. s r. o.”, C=SK CN=ESET SSL Filter CA, O=”ESET, spol. s r. o.”, C=SK

C=CZ, ST=Moravia, L=Brno, O=AVG Technologies cz, OU=Engineering, CN=AVG Technologies

OU=generated by avast! antivirus for SSL scanning, O=avast! Mail Scanner, CN=avast! Mail Scanner Root

OU=generated by avast! antivirus for SSL/TLS scanning, O=avast! Web/Mail Shield, CN=avast! Web/Mail Shield Root

CN=0 Dr.Web for Windows, O=0 Dr.Web for Windows, OU=Certificate for processing secured protocols via Dr.Web NetFilter


C=” “, ST=Some-State, O=Blue Coat SG600 Series, OU=0214150006, CN=

C=US, O=Symantec Corporation, Web Security Service, CN=Symantec Web CA

C=US, ST=California, L=Mountain View, O=Symantec, OU=Web Security, CN=Symantec SWG CA

As you can see, this method is used widely in the security industry.



First time in the history of Internet…..

Today is a special day, a very special day indeed and it is all thanks to our amazing users, customers and partners.  Today, Comodo is the no. 1 security and trust provider in the world!

Since the creation of the Internet, the title of the largest certificate authority has always been held by Verisign (now Symantec). Everytime there was a threat to their throne, they acquired the next largest provider in order to maintain their no. 1 position. They managed to do this for around 20 years, an eternity in Internet years.

Until today…..Comodo has now dethroned Symantec (Verisign) and has become no. 1.



This is a historic moment in the history of the Internet and technology leadership, just like it was a historic moment for Google against Yahoo, Facebook against Myspace and many more examples of leadership positions changing hands.  In the field of security and trust, that title of no. 1 was safely guarded by Verisign (Symantec) for 2 decades.

But we never gave up.

We knew if we kept providing amazing customer support and innovative products, businesses and users would vote with their hearts, their minds and their finances and come to Comodo. We continued to grow organically, one business at a time, one user at a time, to build Comodo to where it is today.   Businesses worldwide have selected Comodo as their security and trust provider. We didn’t need to acquire customers by acquiring another business.  These businesses actually chose us! They chose Comodo! We are eternally grateful that they did, and we will do everything possible to serve them to the best of our ability.

It is very clear that all the .com domains have overwhelmingly been choosing Comodo, showing a trend that .com owners prefer Comodo.  Take a look at the data from below:


Comodo is not a one product company.  Comodo is not just a Certificate Authority.  Comodo is where an ecosystem of security innovation thrives, with the word ecosystem the emphasis here. Comodo has built an entire ecosystem of interconnected, interoperable security products and services where each and every product not only contribute to trust and security itself, but also help improve the security and efficiency of other products in the ecosystem.  It is indeed fair to say that we don’t really have a product with a single purpose, they all work together. This is the only way we can defeat the evil that we all face every day in the cyber-terrorism world.  Standalone products’ capabilities are limited and no longer well suited to fight the cyber war that we find ourselves in.

And thanks to this ecosystem and thanks to over 85 million installations of our security products, the very people that e-commerce merchants want to attract are the very people who use and trust Comodo to protect their computers.  By choosing Comodo to protect their websites and businesses, these emerchants are able to establish trust with their site visitors and customers, because just like them, those visitors and customers also trust Comodo.  We all know that for any transaction to take place, the very first pre-requisite is trust!  E-merchants proudly displaying that they are trusted by Comodo immediately establishes trust with the end users who also have trusted Comodo to protect their families.  It is an ecosystem of trust!

I mentioned this was a very special day for Comodo, but it also a very special day for me personally.  I too had a dream and a vision – it’s why I founded Comodo.  Just like anyone out there starting their business, I dreamed of helping securing the world, dreamed of fighting the evil of using technology against us.  Some people even laughed at me, saying I could never do it, that I could never build a security company founded on trust.   There are so many pessimists out there today who do that to all of us who have a vision, who are putting their heart and soul into an idea to turn it into a reality.

We have an amazing team of people here internally at Comodo that helped make this dream a reality, building trust into everything we do.  I want to thank each one of them for their huge support in getting to this day.

When I started, there were some days where I felt like those people might be right, where maybe I was being a little naïve on my dream of securing the Internet for all …..but then I thought, if I don’t do it, who will?  Why shouldn’t it be me! Why should I let pessimism win? Am I not even going to try?   There were too many reasons not to persevere, and that’s a huge statement.   You have to pick yourself up and march on, and on, and on.   Soon, you learn…you never give up….it’s your dream, you must turn into reality.  So today’s news is a huge moment in my life where I can point to it and say I did turn my dream into a reality.

To everyone with a vision out there, this is your success, not just mine.  This success belongs to all the people out there who have a vision and put their heart and soul into making that dream a reality.  Don’t ever give up.  If you are down, get up.  If you fail, learn from it and let it be a lesson and not a failure.  Use that lesson to try again, and again and again, and one day you will succeed.  If not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then one day. But you will succeed!

On that note, I wish to dedicate today’s success to all the hard working visionaries, dreamers out there, without you there would be nothing, because every creation starts with a vision!





Thank you Symantec, for admitting traditional antivirus cannot protect you.

Thank you Symantec for listening to my call and admitting that Legacy Antivirus is no longer enough to do the job.

I called on the whole Antivirus industry and gave Symantec as an example and said: “Time to own up – Traditional Anti-Virus is no longer enough“. Symantec came thru and admitted it, albeit it took them over a year but still they admitted it.

I called people using traditional antivirus while thinking they will be safe Mad. And I still call these people mad, actually they are bonkers!

traditional antivirus is dead

Running traditional antivirus thinking you will be safe…you are mad mad mad!

Again 4 years ago, because Antivirus industry was promoting their flawed product to mass market as a protection product, while they knew it was not protecting them, i called the antivirus industry one of the biggest Fraud in the world! Although Symantec admitted that traditional Antivirus products do not protect you now, that did not just happen overnight. That has been the case for many many years now but they only told consumers now!


Traditional Antivirus products do not and cannot protect you from new malware they can’t detect. Containment is the only way forward in today’s technology. Comodo provides you the only containment technology on your device. That’s why it works, that’s why Comodo users are safe and have been for many years.

Its such a shame that the antivirus industry still selling and misinforming consumers about the flawed product they sell. Great shame!


here is the link to Symantec admitting it:

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Anatomy of an Internet Security Product

Now, we all heard about detection, prevention, cleaning, behaviour blocker, firewall, Antivirus, Anti malware, detection tests, antivirus tests….it can be confusing… What is what and and more importantly what do I need as a consumer!

I will try to explain whats involved in desktop security products and hopefully will arm you with more knowledge about what to expect from them in an interview like style, hope you like it.

First of all: What the hell is Virus, spyware, trojan etc? 

Well, you know when you click on an application to run….. well it is just that.. a malware (which is a general name used for all the bad stuff like virus, spyware, trojan, rootkit and so on) is an application. Just a bunch of code that you send to your CPU (Central Processing Unit) for execution. For example you send a code (an instruction) to your CPU to turn a specific Pixel on your monitor to a specific colour.. Malware sends instructions to your CPU to do nasty stuff.. thats the only difference between a good application and malware they are both bunch of instructions that your CPU understands.

Now that we get what malware is…which security product do I need? What is anti virus? why do i need Firewall and million other questions in my head as the consumer.

Lets get to the basics…..the security products can be classified into 3 areas

1)Prevention: Eg it prevents stuff from coming into your computer in the first place
2)Detection: it detects when stuff enters your computer
3)Cleaning: You are toast, cos you are infected so need a decent product to clean up the mess.

So lets start by talking about AVs (Anti Virus)

A good analogy to Anti Virus would be a policeman who has a Photo Fit of a murderer and trying to find/detect that criminal amongst the people/files. So is Anti virus 1, 2 or 3?

Wow.. good job…you guessed right.. its 2! It can’t stop someone becoming a criminal but can detect them. So an Anti Virus product could never prevent a new Virus it doesn’t know about from infecting your machine. Just like a policemen can’t arrest a future murderer cos they haven’t committed the crime yet. Anti Virus products were invented in the late 1980’s as “Cleaning” products. Those days infections were at the speed of how fast you could exchange a floppy disk with your friends :) But nowadays the number of malware is increasing drastically and the speed in which the infections occur is increasing in speed thanks to internet. So can your Anti Virus company give you a guarantee that you will not be infected because they can’t possibly know the next Virus? Of course not, that’s why using Detection only mechanism as your sole protection will leave you as secured as a little lamb in the African desert surrounded by hungry lions!

What is Anti Spyware then?

Same as above…. there are few different nasties and they have been classified as virus, spyware, adware, rootkit etc etc.. at the end of day they are all Bad Code written by bad people.

Ok what is Anti Rootkit then?
Same as above… they are all baddies… just different names cos they way they operate is slightly the end of the day they are all instructions sent to your CPU to do nasty stuff, from deleting files, to stealing your confidential information, to stealing your CPU power and internet connection. Same goes to Anti trojan, anti this and anti that…. same stuff…

What is a firewall then?

Firewall has 2 tasks really…one to stop people from getting access to your pc from internet..its like your internet door.. (but don’t be fooled cos everytime you browse some website you are opening this internet door to that website…just having firewall doesn’t mean you are secure). And the other task is for detecting if anyone is making a call home from your PC. Go to your local Clothes store and try to steal something…..the alarm you will hear, as you try to sneak out of the door while two big guys are running towards you, is because the garment is tagged, so anything leaving the premises will raise the alarm. Well thats what firewall for your computer do. It will raise alarm bells if someone is trying to make a connection from your computer to the outside world. So Firewall falls into both Prevention and Detection category…

So what can clean my computer if i get infected?

Now thats an important question…. Cleaning infection is not as simple as deleting a file on your hard disk. Some of these nasties hide themselves well and bring themselves back to life even after your Anti Virus deletes them at every start up of the operating system. Depending on what kind of nasty has infected you the choice of the cleaner (Anti Virus) product could be determined.

So how do I prevent these nasties coming into my computer in the first place?

The key is not to run an “unknown application”. The problem is, a file you are about to run on your computer could be a malware. You need a system that automatically sandboxes any unknown file. This way any new unknown application which turns out to be a malware won’t be able to infect your computer. There are many ways these things come into your computer, from USB sticks to you simply visiting a website. Yep, simply visiting a website could get you infected!

So what does infection mean again please?

Remember its just a piece of code that uses your CPU to do nasty stuff like giving out confidential information etc. All these bad stuff is merely a fight for control of your CPU so that they can get that CPU to do stuff that they want. Afterall if they control the CPU they can do anything they like with your computer.

So how do I stop these coming into my computer in the first place?

Excellent question!

Containment is the key. When was it last time you opened the door to a stranger blindfolded and invited them in?

Umm  Never

Well you do that in the digital world every day. Think about it, how many unknown executables (applications) you have on your computer or network at the moment?

Umm…I dunno

How many strangers live in your house?


So you know there are no strangers living in your house, but when it comes to your digital world, you don’t know how many unknown (strangers) living in your computer or network.

I see the problem now :)

So Comodo uses “Containment” technology called “Auto Sandboxing” to stop any new malware from infecting my computer? Did i get this right?

Spot on!

Cool :)

So in summary…a security product can provide you


and you need to prevent the bad stuff coming in to your computer in the first place. For that you need new technologies based on Containment Security like Comodo Internet Security. Your first line of defense must be to prevent the malware from coming in.


Empowering and Protecting end users

I and Comodo have one goal, to empower and protect our end users.

Our motto is,  “look after our users, money will follow”, it works and always has. We put our users first. Knowing that our users empower Comodo with their business. Its a beautiful relationship that works.

Everything we do is designed to either empower or protect the end users, simple as that.

Just wanted to share this with you guys, although I know you know this already :)


Would have been much easier to build an adblocker without caring for Publishers

But we are not in the business of taking the easy route out nor in the business of being one sided if we can innovate to solve it for both parties.

PrivDog is designed with Privacy of the user in mind. Our DNA is about securing the user and his/her privacy. Advertising is an area unfortunately filled with companies who are motivated with money and they don’t seem to care much about user’s privacy or security.

There are many legitimate publishers who provide great content and use advertising as means to support themselves. It simply is not fair to let them suffer because Advertising industry is not behaving themselves.

We could have easily developed an adblocker…its a simple product…but that would have wrecked the legitimate publishers who rely on advertising as an income.

Just not fair!

So after around 2 years of development and huge amount of innovation (maybe over 20 Patents pending) we were able to come up with an innovation that gave users Safety, Privacy, Speed of adblocking technology while not hurting the environment for publishers and still allowing them make money.

Its a win win for everyone!

And yes of course we will make money from this as well. Isn’t it great that the company whose DNA is about Your security makes more money so that they can continue to innovate and invest in products that make you safer! Its better than un-managed advertising companies making money out of you without caring for your security. Our base line is about your security first! Everything else is second.




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Introducing PrivDog

For over 15 years Comodo has had one single mission “Creating a Trusted Internet” ( We’re always looking out for both businesses and consumers to ensure a rich, thriving business environment on the internet while offering free world-class consumer protection for free through programs such as Comodo Internet Security( (recently awarded a perfect score on AV test ( along with the PC Mag editor’s choice award).

Comodo’s growing team is dedicated to building and finding solutions that protect users from all the latest threats while maintaining our standards of world-class user experience. Unlike the competitors we also offer these solutions for free to ensure they can be used by the largest audience possible.

In recent times we have found a significant increase in complaints of malware, intrusive tracking, and unwanted downloads driven through online advertising tactics. These lead to issues for both consumers and businesses as compromised user trust will inevitability lead to lower web traffic plus reductions in ad clicks and conversions.

There are various tools have come on the market to combat this including ad blockers, browser optimization tools, and even Comodo’s own secure browser product ( Some of these tools already block the ads that create harm for end users but are missing one critical piece. Simply put if you block ads entirely you kill the internet. And we here at Comodo aren’t interested in killing the internet, we just want you to trust it.

Increased adoption of ad blockers systematically destroys the eco-system that keeps the internet alive.

To further explain

1)   Publications produce content for consumption online (i.e the Huffington Post)

2)   They offer  this content for free to end users to maximize their audience

3)   The publication in turn makes revenue because other businesses want to gain exposure to this large audience to offer their goods and services though banner and text advertising

4)   By blocking ads the publication is less incentivized to produce content, which in turn may lead them to paywall their site (charging consumers), which decreases traffic and eyeballs for businesses looking to gain exposure through online ads.
So basically by offering an ad block solution you do protect consumers from harmful ads and tracking but at the end of the day they are paying the bill to maintain the same internet they had before.
We believe in order for the internet to remain a trusted and profitable place to do business the world needs a tool that blocks all the bad but still keeps the eco-system alive.

That way

•   Consumers still get free content
•   Businesses still have a profitable channel to push their goods and services
•   Content providers still have a way to earn revenue without charging consumers

And the best news today is we found the answer and it’s ready for you!

What is PrivDog?

Simply put PrivDog makes your internet browsing Faster/Safer/Private while still keeping the economy of the internet active and thriving. Consumers win, Publishers win, Advertisers win.


You’ll see internet content 50% faster or more by blocking the existing banner ads and replacing with safe trusted ads. Now your only problem will be what to do with all that new found free time.


No malware and unwanted downloads here, our friends on the AdTrustMedia compliance team strictly review all ad content prior to its release on the network.  No more toolbars or other software clogging up your browsing experience with junk.


PrivDog blocks all intrusive tracking cookies, pixels, and data collection. The uninvited guests are no longer coming in.


And here is another version explaining what Privdog is


Introducing PrivDog

PrivDog protects you as you browse the Internet by stopping websites including uninvited guests when you connect to their server, and unknown to you, connecting to other unknown servers.

You can download your copy of PrivDog here:

Here are more detailed descriptions of the product from people who worked on it, starting with me.

Introducing PrivDog, a powerful mew privacy tool to compliment your Dragon’s existing privacy improvements.

Just like an AntiVirus treats files as viruses, PrivDog treats files on the internet as privacy and potential security risks.  An AntiVirus program only allow safe files to run and similarly PrivDog prevents certain files from running in your browser.

As is well known, the best way to stay safe on the web is to only connect your computer to well known reputable sites, however, more and more there are security risks even doing that.  When you visit a site, let’s say, your intention was to only visit that site as you know it’s credibility, however, in reality sites like this use Advertising Networks to show advertisements.  These Ad Networks often then deliver ads from other advertisers.  This leads to a situation where your computer will unwittingly and unintentionally connect to several of the ever-increasing unknown ad servers.  These are effectively uninvited guests to the website and pose a security threat to your system.  The content they show is decided dynamically at the time the ad is downloaded to your computer and is not vetted in advance by the web page authors of and therefore cannot be considered to have the same level of trust and credibility.  PrivDog ensures that only sanitized ads from a safe source are shown and prevents your computer from connecting to all these uninvited and unknown servers.

PrivDog is designed to protect your privacy but you can’t have real privacy without security.  PrivDog goes further than regular privacy protection tools and ads a layer of security by blocking these potential threats.

An ever increasing problem seen on today’s websites is large, intrusive and CPU hungry advertisements.  Many of these advertisements have large numbers of frames using up your bandwidth causing the website content you visited the site for to appear last and slowing down your browsing experience.  The larger number of frames eats into your CPU time and slows down your browser and even effects other applications running on your computer and the speed of the operating system itself.  More and more we are seeing large and intrusive full page pop-up ads appear inside pages stopping you dead in your tracks until you locate the tiny close button often deliberately hard to find.  PrivDog sanitizes all your ads and prevents all these problems from occurring in the first place speeding up your system and improving your browsing experience.

Adobe Flash advertisements are prevalent on today’s websites.  The use of Flash has come under ever increasing scrutiny from the computing industry due to is resource hungry and privacy breaching video.  Flash advertisements use a lot of bandwidth and can be intrusive.  In addition the use of Flash allows advertisers to employ the use of something called Flash cookies or supercookies.  Many people today see super cookies as one of the web’s biggest threats to user privacy.  Blocking or clearing your browser’s cookies will have no effect on super cookies.  PrivDog prevents Flash advertisements from being shown and prevents these Flash cookies from being stored in the first place.

Ever seen those comment boxes below a photo from a new site, seems safe enough right?  You may be surprised to hear many of these social comments boxes use technologies that track your movements around the internet and the data is used to profile you.”

Benefits of PrivDog:

Using PrivDog will give you the following benefits:

– Sanitized and safe advertisements.

– Blocks trackers and statistic.

– Protects your privacy by blocking 3rd Party Widgets

– Blocks 3rd Party Cookies

Free ModSecurity Rules

Web hosting industry is an important industry for Comodo.
Protecting web sites is an important function as attacks against websites continue to increase and not only are the businesses running these websites are under attack, but visitors who use these websites are also vulnerable due to compromised web servers and web sites.

Mod_security is a decent platform but without signatures/rules its not much use (ModSecurity™ is a web application firewall engine that provides very little protection on its own. In order to become useful, ModSecurity™ must be configured with rules)]

There were some free modsecurity rules in the past that did a good job, albeit delayed, but it no longer is available. (Please note that Atomicorp no longer provides a free delayed version of its ModSecurity Rule set.)

Comodo is a company who sees the threat on daily basis on both sides, consumer side and business side. We see it in the consumer side because we protect tens of millions of users using our Antivirus products. We see it on the business site because we monitor and protect businesses and their website with products like and

This puts Comodo in very unique position of being able deliver the most effective security for websites and web servers and do so very effectively. And here we are, we decided to build the infrastructure and provide modsecurity rules for FREE! (there might be different variation in future but we will always provide some free version so that you can be secure).

Here is our promise to you: We will work with you to protect your web sites and web servers! Talk to us about the attacks you are facing and let us provide you mod_sec rules for free to protect yourself. Let us customize rules to fend off attacks,  let us fight together side by side and for FREE!

Go ahead and get your Modsecurity Rules for Free  now!



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Time to own up – Traditional Anti-Virus is no longer enough

Almost everyday we read reports about companies being infiltrated and end users being infected while being “protected” by antivirus products.

Its time to own up and tell the world that running Traditional AntiVirus is no longer enough to protect you. I call upon the AntiVirus industry to STOP spreading statements like “antivirus protection that stops viruses and spyware, so you can safely go online and share”.

Its your responsibility to inform the end users about both capability and limitations of your products.  Anti Virus products work with “default allow” architecture. They try to find if a file is bad or not, if they cannot ascertain, then they say its ok to run the file. Based on that one cannot make a statement that they will stop viruses, because you have no way of knowing all the viruses to stop them. So why make this statement? This gives false sense of security.

When the first Antivirus was invented, it was invented to “remove/clean” an existing infection. It was never promoted as a “protection”. This I believe was around late 1980s…. So what happened between then and now for the AntiVirus vendors to start claiming that these kind of Antivirus products can “protect” you? These Antivirus products can ONLY stop a malware if and ONLY IF they know about it. How about the countless number of unknown malware that they do not know!!!

Its time to be honest with consumers and give them the information they deserve. Its time to own up and tell them these traditional Anti Virus products cannot protect them from malware they don’t know.  End users deserve to know the truth!


Comodo Internet Security ver. 6 – Security for the masses

Version 6 of our beloved Comodo Internet Security (CIS) product has certainly caused a lot of stir in the market place.  As we all know, previous versions of CIS was being used more technical people than novices.

This changed with the launch of CIS v 6. It became the security suite choice for the masses. Some technically oriented users prefer the older interface as there are more shiny buttons to press (Yes I like them too :)).  But……please understand that by making CIS v6 for the masses we are able to protect a lot more people and this is a good thing.  The framework we built CIS v6 on will allow both the masses and geeks to use CIS to their liking. It will take a bit of time to get all the tuning done for the “geek population”.  Lets be honest, you are a geek and tuning a security product for you ain’t easy! :) But together we will do it!