Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism is about turning the very technology of Computing against human race, nations or for political agenda!

Will Cyber Terrorism happen? Should we really worry about it?

Depends if you are an ostridge or someone who cares about his/her future and want to proactively secure it!

If you are an ostridge then go ahead and bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is hunky dory! (here is a picture of how to do it)

On the other hand if you are serious about your and your kid’s future lets discuss it further!

1) In about 20 years a $700 computer will have same processing power as a human brain

2) Over 170Million of these computers are manufactured every year.

3) Terrorism thrives on brain washing human beings so that they can be exploited. Computers are totally brain washable!

4) Unlike physical world terrorism, in the online world terrorism you would need access to many more computers to gain substantial power.

5) Today our computers can be taken over and brain washed. Practically speaking there isn’t much that is preventing it

6) Internet is the back bone that connect us all: There has never been, in human history, where humans have been increasingly relying on a technology where this technology is doubling its capability/power every 18 months! We continually add new ways to be dependant on Computers and internet. Computers double in their capability every 18 months. We are becoming dependent on Computers and Internet more and more every day.

7) Almost all users have no idea about which applications/executables are running in their computers! Yet they know the people live in their house! Computers are our digital homes and we don’t know who live in them!

8) Its a connected world! A person in China is connected to a person in Washington, the days of trying to create a perimeter security, like a city within Castle like they used to do hundreds of years ago, is not a viable model anymore!

9) Can technology be turned against us? Of course it can, we are constantly being attacked by the very technology we create. Its a sad example how simple planes caused 911! Technology can and will be used against human race! Computers and the internet is the next big vulnerable technology that can be turned against us that we are nurturing, that we are depending more on everyday.

So, how do make sure we don’t give birth to these 170Million babies and throw them out to streets for terrorists to brain wash and control?  Do we have to spy to see whats happening in every computer to protect us? Is that feasible?

The answer is No! We don’t need to spy on every computer. The good thing is that majority of human race do not want terrorism, they don’t want to aid terrorism, they don’t want to be used by terrorism. As long as we can enable these people with means to protect their computers so that their computers do not fall into the wrong hands, we can reduce the risk of cyber terrorism! Remember, for a large scale attack terrorists will need large amount of computers.

So how do we enable users?

We give them tools that work! And do so for Free!

You have to create a paradigm shift not at one level but two!

1) you have to build security technology that works!

2) create a business model of giving this security technology for free while still running a profitable business.

2 huge challenges that I am proud to report that we have solved!

1) Security technology that works: We can no longer fight viruses using a 25 year old technology called AntiVirus! Anti Viruses have lost the war, period! Anti Virus should not and can not be your first line of defense in your security! Anti Virus is a default Allow system. Consumers spend over $5Billion (Billion with a capital B) on something that really doesn’t protect them! The security model needed to change, from default allow system to a default deny system, from detection being your first line of defense, prevention being the first line of defense. That is what we have achieved. We have world’s first Layered Security Product where Prevention (default deny) is your first line of defense, followed by Detection and then Cure. Now with this the computing infrastructure can be a much safer place where your computers won’t fall victim to brainwash!

2) Business model for the masses: People who can scrape together few hundreds of dollars to buy a computer can’t afford to pay for security in most of the developing countries! Security cannot be a luxury but a right! So the business model must enable this right of the consumer to be protected! Again, Comodo is the first Company not only to innovate in a new security model but also a new business model to give full security products for free to end users!

All we need is to get the word out. The more computers we protect, the less for the terrorists, fraudsters and malicious people to get their dirty hands on! Cyber terrorism is a reality that we don’t have to live through! It certainly is a possibility but a possibility that we can mitigate! But not by doing nothing, not by everyone expecting everyone else to do something about it, not by burying our heads in the sand!

We need to get the word out and protect every computer! Its a connected world, its a different world, its a world where each individual is the warrior and the victim!

Thank you


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