Comodo Internet Security v4.1….Premium!

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Well, the only thing we can ask from our users is for them to trust us! We could have asked for money, but decided not to 🙂

Just trust us to protect you we said.. They responded, We Trust Comodo! For that we are grateful.

Does that give us card blanch to do whatever we want going forward? Of course not, its quicker to lose the hard earned trust than to gain it.

So how do we keep our user’s trust? Well, you can buy the domain name….but we already own it 🙂 so the next best thing is to make sure we continue to listen our users and implement their wishes.

Our users need to see that we listen and react to them. We deliver them what they need. We deliver them what they need plus exceed their expectations.

Our users loved Default Deny architecture, but they said it was bit chatty. We went back to drawing board and came up with “Auto Sandboxing” architecture to give them Default Deny architecture that is almost silent!

Lately, some of the most discussed issues by our users have been some of the additional products/services we bundled with CIS (Comodo Internet Security).

All these products were carefully selected and bundled with Comodo Internet Security only with good intentions. From Hopsurf, to search results provided by Ask, to Live PC support help.

Although many do understand our reasons for bundling these products/services, few do not like it.

So, we thought long and hard about how and what we can do!

We decided to come up with a “Premium” product for you all!

Yep, shiny, funky, brand spanking new CIS Premium!

The reason why its Premium is NOT because it has all this additional stuff in it…BUT…its because it doesn’t have


Ask search thingy

Live PC support

and has a lot of bugs fixed with sandbox etc…

Now you have a PURE Protection Engine, Rock Solid CIS Premium, (CIS v4.1) and nothing else!

We do listen to you!

We always have!

We always will!

Your Trust is our Currency!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and serve we will!