AV-Comparatives.org, bullying, censorship and financial deals with Anti Virus vendors – continued..

Here is an excerpt from the agreement that AV-Comparatives gets AntiVirus companies to sign:


Look at the wording where they force AntiVirus vendors to even deny  “The existence of this SOW”.

So although this was a confidential agreement, AV-Comparatives was unethical enough to threaten Comodo by saying : “we may post our reply on Monday in public. (e.g. we could clarify that Comodo paid for not releasing their results – the various static detection tests etc. that were commissioned by Comodo)”

What AV-Comparative threatened Comodo with was for AV-Comparatives to reveal confidential information about Comodo,  as you can see above, even the existence of the agreement was confidential as per the agreement. So AV-Comparatives first signs an agreement that is confidential, then threatens you that they will release this confidential information if you don’t do what they say. This is totally unethical!

What would happen if your Bank or any other party you have a contractual relationship started to threaten you that they will reveal confidential information about you to public?!!!

AV-Comparatives acted totally unethically and will be very difficult for public to trust them!



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