Melih Abdulhayoglu


I am Melih Abdulhayoglu, founder of Comodo. But it’s my blog’s viewpoint that is important.

I believe human achievement can’t be optimized until its central communications engine, the Internet, is a trusted environment. My mission is to help lead the effort to achieve this trust.

Have you ever felt, lost, overwhelmed, vulnerable?

If you have then I strongly recommend that you go see a shrink!

But imagine how your ID would feel in the midst of Bits and Bytes in your computer amongst thousands of executable programs which he does not understand, amongst the viruses that has infected your machines fighting the Trojans who is logging every keystroke for your valuable IDs. The Spyware who is watching both the viruses and Trojan’s on your machine and grabbing that precious ID you have confidently trusted your PC with and sending it back to its creator! Do you think your Valuable Information, your ID, feels lost, overwhelmed and vulnerable in that black box called a “personal computer”!!!