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And yes, 85 million plus endpoints are immune to ransomware attacks….proof!!!!!

Recent attack that wrecked havoc in Europe is attributed to a ransomware called Wcry (WannaCry).


Solution to prevent any Ransomware exists, people are unaware of the solution.

How does Ransomware WannaCry work?:

Once on user computer it wants to: 1)Read

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Here we are conversing with Ryan at Google, I must admit this has been a very healthy discussion where opinions are expressed and ideas are shared…..and few blogs later we arrive at crossroads……

-Do we (as the computer industry) accelerate investment (I say accelerate

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We continue to exchange ideas, information and photos… And here is my latest response to the latest response

First of all, the author is unaware that my company has built the most sophisticated Certificate Management system that can automatically request, issue, renew and manage the whole lifecycle of the certificate.

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My response to a recent blog has resulted in a quick response that I feel obliged to respond.

First of all, the positive: Agreement on the need to invest on a new revocation infrastructure.

“Basically, I see the value in revocation checking and think the investments need to be made

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Some in the industry have responded to my post about the need for the revocation infrastructure.

They put forward an argument defending the need for short lived certificates by saying: “the main reason for them is to address the issue of key compromise“. ¬†They followed it by “The most important thing