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There is much talk on the web about Encryption lately. There has been much talk about whether CAs (Certification Authorities) should care who they enable with encryption or not.

I will attempt at clarifying these issues, as I see the world of PKI and encryption.

So what is Encryption:

the process

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Why IT Management……

Operating system was big in the early days, because it enabled us to manage many different pieces like sound card, video card, hard disk etc without us having to write code directly for each and every hardware. We only have to write code for the operating system, then

With what is happening in the market place with superfish, there is a “realization” of an old and established method called “HTTPS Local Proxy”.

What is it, well will explain it in more detail.

*********from Wikipedia************** Filtering of encrypted data Web filtering proxies are not able to peer inside secure sockets HTTP transactions,

Today is a special day, a very special day indeed and it is all thanks to our amazing users, customers and partners.  Today, Comodo is the no. 1 security and trust provider in the world!

Since the creation of the Internet, the title of the largest certificate authority has always been

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Thank you Symantec for listening to my call and admitting that Legacy Antivirus is no longer enough to do the job.

I called on the whole Antivirus industry and gave Symantec as an example and said: “Time to own up – Traditional Anti-Virus is no longer enough“. Symantec came thru and