About Melih

Who I am is inconsequential!

What I do is who I am!

It is what I do and my experiences that make me who I am!

Get to know me? Then watch what I do!



Some of my accomplishments relating to my mission that I am proud of

1 ) Setting up Comodo to achieve my mission

2 ) Initiating the CAB Forum ( this helped establish new standards for EV certificates and now all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox etc have this new technology built in). What we created in CAB Forum now touches hundreds of millions of people.

3 ) Creating prevention based anti-malware product that is free to all! Our vision requires us to secure every pc! (Free tool to all!) (Here is how this new technology works and why its superior)

4 ) Created Social Authentication. Using Social capital to help itself! We coined the word Social Authentication! (Free tool to all!)

5 ) Invented Content Authentication! How do you know what you see is authentic on Internet? Thanks to this invention you can verify Content! I coined the phrase Content Authentication. (Free tool to all!)

6 ) Nice to be acknowledged every so often 🙂 Entrepreneur of the Year 2008, NJ (video)

7 ) CNN Head Line News- Eye on America (video)

8 ) Interview on Cyber Terrorism with Fox News (video)

9) Entrepreneur of the year by InfoSecurity (Feb-2011)

Now  millions are protected thanks to our technologies and business model.

….but only just started…..